A little forum for those who are kin of any sort to hang out, discuss their kins, seek out canonmates, post other kin related content, & even non kin related stuff.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Post by Fritz Huhnmörder on 2016-09-22, 13:59

    Welcome to kin community! A forum for any kin types to discuss anything related to their kin and even non kin stuff! Please do not harsss other users, spam boards, post sexually explicit content, and credit any art that's not yours. If you post anything that can be triggering or upsetting to others in topics or for a topic of your own please post warnings before the post or in the topic title. If you don't you will get a warning. This forum will not accept such things. Respect other users and what can be upsetting to them even if you find it ridiculous for whatever reason. The forum is at the moment accepting mods and admins. Please send a message to me saying why you think you deserve to be one and that you promise to uphold rules and will make sure no one posts anything unacceptable and will make sure the person knows what they did was wrong. That you will not abuse your power to harass those you do not like. If you do that you will be stripped of your rank and possibly banned depending on the severity of your actions. The same applies to everyone else. Harassment and everything else harmful or rude will end in banishment if it consists too often.

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